W A Roofing

Slate is a traditional method of roofing in Britain. If you have or would like a slate roof we are able to work with Yorkshire stone slate to brazillian slate so should always be able to find the right match or choice for you. The way that slate roofs are laid means that sometimes slates may slip down from their place, this can then allow water to get into the house. If you notice a slipped slate it will be a simple job to fix and not something that should be left as it could cause major damage to your property.

After our severe winters and as the years go by, tiles and slates start to crack, split and even fall off your roof, Unfortunately once this starts to happen, it will only get worse. Water will inevitably find its way into your roof causing damage to timber, insulation and can eventually penetrate interior plaster. If you decide that you would like W.A roofing to complete your re-roof we will be sure to comunicate with you throughout the whole job, keeping you up to date with all the progress we are making.

Roof tiles and slates do not last forever. Some manufactures suggest the life span of an average concrete or clay tile can be up to 60 years. This means that properties built before the 1950's with original tiles could soon be in need of a new roof. It is very important to keep up with the maintenance of your roof and to deal with any problems before water gets in and damages more of your property. If water is left to enter even in just one tiny hole for a long period of time, it can cause major damage to your home and will lead to further works e.g plastering, electricial works and decoratorating.