Elliotts Premier Roofing

Elliotts have been associated with roofing in Hampshire since 1933 when a specialist department was created to handle repairs to war damaged roofs. Elliotts Premier Roofing was formed in July 2004 following the merger of Elliotts High Performance Roofing and Premier Roofing Services. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Elliott Brothers, Hampshire's leading Independent Builders Merchants, established in 1842 and still family owned today.

Then, in response to changing market trends and a demand for modern high performance materials, in 1998 we were appointed approved contractors for Sarnafil single layer polymeric membranes. In the same year we joined the Vitral TASC team, a group of approved installers for Vitral panel glazing systems, providing solutions for light and ventilation within the roof structure of buildings.

Growing evergreen, self generating, drought resistant plants such as grasses or sedums on your roof can benefit the environment and improve the insulation of your property. This type of roof construction is best suited to flat roofs and those pitched at angles of less than 35 degrees.

Green Roof Systems help keep the building cool during warm weather by reducing heat absorption and assist noise reduction through a better acoustic performance. As everyone knows, hard construction material such as roof tiles, concrete paving etc, discharge water very quickly into an urban drainage system, and then eventually into our rivers. Green roofs can retain a very high percentage of rainwater and provide a slow and controlled water run-off.