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To match fibreglass’s versatility, we have a workforce with a broad and in-depth knowledge, and experience of GRP's wide-ranging applications in flat roofing and fabrication. With such expertise, we serve both the industrial and retail markets with confidence, responsiveness and highly competitive pricing.

We have our manufacturing base that takes on moulding production from across the UK. The workshop has the capacity and flexibility to supply short and long run moulding production for all types of projects including GRP fabrication and GRP flat roofing.

We have the technical expertise for all types of works. We have years of invaluable experience and a comprehensive client service portfolio for all of your high-level roofing maintenance and installation works to the renovation of properties.

Not only do we provide a professional service - but we truly believe in the quality of our products. GRP Flat Roofing is great value for money due to it lasting 25-40 years whereas it's alternative Asphalt roofing, only lasts ten years.

Business Services

GRP Roofing

GRP Roofing

Our friendly and resourceful technicians offer a dedicated prototype development service. In the domestic and service sectors, we have a fast and skilled team of onsite fibreglass fabricators. They mould, line and seal customers’ ponds, pools, spas, wet rooms, flat roofs, van interiors, tanks and more.


23 Oct, 2018

Quality service from start to finish - quick response times with a professional finish - no hassle.

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Unit 5, The Mushroom Farm, Bottesford Lane, Orston

Nottingham, NG13 9NX
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