Starting a new roofing project, no matter if it comes to installation, repair, or maintenance, could be a subject of both – careful planning for a long time or an emergency situation that requires you to act quickly. No matter your reason, a roofing project definitely takes some consideration and a reputable and reliable professional service in order to be done properly and last for decades.

Choosing the right type of roofing that can cover all your needs and requirements, pun intended, as well as the specifics of your home, could definitely be a challenge. Especially if you didn’t do your homework and you are not exactly sure where to start with and what to choose from. A new roofing project is usually associated with big expenses and require a serious budget, therefore, you need to do it right and choose the right roofing. Check out the few tips we provide you with below and these will help you choose the right roof that will withstand the elements and ensure great durability and functionality.

Consider Your Budget

Of course, the first thing you will consider when planning a roofing project is the budget you work with. Depending on the budget you are ready to invest into a new roof, you will be able to determine what types of roofing you can continue considering. Remember that not all roofs are made equally, there are different materials used in the manufacturing of roofing, and different types of roofs are usually suitable for different conditions and circumstances. Depending on the type of roofing, there will be able difference in the cost of installation, maintenance, etc.

For example, fiberglass and composition shingles in asphalt are the type of materials that ensure great durability and lasting power. In addition, these types of roofing are pretty easy to install and maintain in good condition for long time. Wood shakes are another popular option among homeowners because of their beauty and how they complement the house with elegance. Wood shakes are also an affordable option, however, keep in mind they will require more in-depth upkeep, therefore, they might not be the right choice for you and your home. On the contrary, if you are not limited by a tight budget, you can definitely go for more high-end options such as clay, tile, or slate roofing. While the cost of these roofing materials is on the higher side, they definitely compensate with long-lasting power and low maintenance requirements.

Consider the Style of the House

Price is not the only important thing when considering the right roofing for your home because you also want to be able to find a roofing option that complements the overall exterior and appearance of the house. Thankfully, roofing comes in a great variety of styles, materials, colours, and options. Depending on the architectural style of the house, you can consider the style of roofing that fits it the best. For example, coastal homes look great with bright roofing in red or blue, while Spanish-style homes are perfectly complemented by clay tiles. In addition, you might need to comply with community rules that require you to choose the same style of roofing as the rest of the neighbourhood, for example, so make sure to check that out before you consider the right type of roofing for your project.

Eco-friendly Alternatives

You may want to be as eco-friendly in your roofing choice as possible. Thankfully, there are roofing options suitable for people who want to focus their attention to being environmentally-friendly. Green roofs are a great option for achieving this goal and objectives. They may consist of a number of different plants and they can also be obtained in pre-grown modules and trays in order to make installation significantly easier. No matter if you choose a grass or a flower green roof, it is safe to say that your roof will contribute to preserving the nature and will save energy, produce life-growing oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Choose a Colour

Choosing the right roofing colour depending on the rest of the house’s appearance is very important too. It may seem like an insignificant choice, however, it will definitely make a lot of difference and your house will probably look completely different with different shingle colour options. For example, grey and blue houses are well complemented by dark gray or black shingles, while tan, brown, or cream exteriors look great with stylish brown roofing. In case your house’s interior is in a brighter and more eye-catching colour such as red, green, or yellow, make sure to pick a grey, brown or black roofing that will complement the main colour of the house and make it stand out even more.

Consider Weather Conditions

Of course, when you are choosing the right roofing, you have to think of selecting a roof that will withstand the elements. Therefore, make sure to consider the overall weather conditions in your area and how these can affect the condition and durability of the roof. If it comes to a region that enjoys mostly sunny and warm weather, comfortable living is ensured by the type of roofing that reflects the sun wars rather than absorbing them, such as slate, clay, terracotta, and concrete tiles. These materials are good at cooling the house down. White metal roofing is yet another great option for keeping the house cool and more comfortable. However, keep in mind that the cost of metal roofing is traditionally higher.

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